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* The Vintage Entertainment Radio Network features programming that is considered as Public Domain material. There are certain shows that will likely not air on the network due to licensing and copyright issues. For any claims on vintage material verified to be copyrighted, programming will be promptly removed from broadcast on this network.

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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Special Announcement! NEW DVD COLLECTIONS in my Shopify store!

Launching today, I am so pleased to announce my new DVD collection, Vintage Media Treasures, a custom collection of DVD's featuring the best TV shows, movies and short films from the Golden Age of Entertainment!

Here is the first DVD you can download!

VMT001XMS - Christmas Edition, Volume 1

Over 2.5 hours of family entertainment for the Holidays, featuring the following vintage Christmas classics:
1. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (Short, 1948, 8m) - The classic 1948 animated short film produced and directed by Max Fleischer, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer is based on the 1939 Robert L. May poem about a flying reindeer who helps Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.
2. Date With The Angels (TV, 1957, 29m) - The only Christmas episode from this short-lived U.S. sitcom from 1957-58. The series aired on ABC from May 10, 1957, to January 29, 1958, and stars Betty White and Bill Williams. This vintage series aired as a late season replacement for The Ray Anthony Show for the same sponsor, Chrysler's Plymouth division. Tom Kennedy was the show's announcer and spokesman for Plymouth. The original Plymouth car commercials are included in this episode.
3. The Miracle On 34th Street (TV, 1955, 45m) - A Christmas episode of the American anthology television series The 20th Century Fox Hour (December 14, 1955) starring Macdonald Carey, Teresa Wright and Thomas Mitchell as Kris Kringle.
4. Scrooge (Feature Film, 1935, 1h17m) - The original British version of the classic Dickens story starring Seymour Hicks as Scrooge, Donald Calthrop and Robert Cochran. This is the full-length 1h17m version, not the 60m US edited version.

This vintage material has been preserved on DVD in its original form using the best elements currently available. Much of this material has been digitized from second-generation analog sources such as videocassettes, therefore Video and Audio defects will be present. DVD Created by J.G.O. Brunet. Vintage Media Treasures Release Number VMT001XMS.

NOTE: This digital download is an .iso image, a single file that's a perfect representation of the entire DVD. You will need software to be able to convert this image to a physical DVD. To burn this ISO image to a DVD, I recommend Ashampoo® Burning Studio FREE, software that I personally use everyday (they are not a sponsor, this is an unbiased testimonial -Georges).

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you enjoy what I have created, please drop me a line with your comments and suggestions, they are always appreciated!

Yours Truly,

November update: Heading into the Holidays!

Hello, Listeners!

I am personally excited to announce some new projects for 2019! I was trying to work on new radio uploads, but I got sidetracked on a new project that I am very excited to share with you all! Just in time for Christmas, check out my new Christmas Compilation in my Shopify store. Other DVD collections are on the way (I am currently in a demo testing mode with new collections I've created, but they will be ready to load into my Shopify inventory really soon).

As we are heading into the Christmas holidays, I am working all available spare time to digitize and upload new seasonal themed Old Time Radio episodes. I hope to get many new hours of entertainment ready in time for Christmas! Stay tuned!

Thank you all, dear listeners, for your patronage and support! I would love to hear how you like my new DVD compilations, drop me a line!

I'll check in with a new update near Christmas! 

Yours Truly, 

Monday, October 22, 2018

It's Halloween Season! Then it's Christmas Season!

Hello, Listeners!

I am about to add about six new hours of shows just in time for Halloween! I am working on setting up the AutoDJ playlist to highlight the best Scary/Halloween themed shows over the holiday, including most requested episodes from Suspense and lighthearted seasonal episodes from the golden age of radio. Let me know what you think once the scariness is over!

Once Halloween is over, I will be working on new encodes for the Christmas holidays. I have about two months to get this done and hopefully I will have added a dozen more hours or so of programming (at least that's the goal).

I hope to update on my progress further in the coming weeks leading into Christmas. Stay Tuned!

As always,  you can drop me a line and share your feedback at any of my email addresses: or

All the best!

Yours truly,

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Monthly Update (August 2018) New Playlist and 4 New Shows!

Hello, Listeners! Welcome back to my humble blog.

Just a small update for the second half of the summer, not really much to report. I have been crazy busy with events in my personal life throughout the entire summer that it has been really difficult to get more shows up in rotation. Although very slow going, the live stream is still growing with new shows.

For the month of August, I have created a new playlist: Tales of the Super-Human. It is an awkward name for a playlist that will include mostly super-hero type adventures (Superman, The Blue Beetle, etc), but there are other supernatural mysteries I will include in this playlist, including "The Shadow", among other shows. You will hear Tales of the Super-Human at 7pm ET and 1am ET daily. For now, I only have about 4 episodes of The Shadow, but there will be more added as I obtain and convert new OTR collections.

So, as the Vintage Entertainment Radio Network continues its vision to be the 'premier' place on the internet to listen to the best of Old Time Radio, all day, everyday, I appreciate you all for listening and supporting my endeavors.

As always, I welcome your feedback and suggestions. Do not hesitate to reply to this blog post, or contact me at the following email addresses: - and

Until next month, I wish you all the best and happy listening! Stay Tuned!

Yours Truly,
- Georges B.

Monday, July 2, 2018

New Shows are being uploaded this week!

Hello, Listeners!

June was a busy month for me-- I started a new full time job and I could not focus much on digitizing and mastering any of my OTR collection. The July 1 Canada Day holiday delayed the start of any uploads and my June goal to have 10+ hours of new material to upload fell short. But... here are new titles that you will hear streaming on the network in the coming days:

CFBI035-CS - I Was A Communist For The FBI (ep-35) Treason Comes In Cans (11-23-52) (30m) [Tape Master]
FPWR261-CS - The FBI In Peace And War (ep-261) The Crack-Up (09-14-50) (30m) [Tape Master]
TLOR171-CS - The Life of Riley (ep-171) The Community Chest Drive (10-18-47) (30m) [Tape Master]
TMCXB73-CS - The Man Called X (ep-B-73) Ton of Dynamite (02-26-52) (30m) [Tape Master]
TLOR287-CS - The Life of Riley (ep-287) Surprise Party Show (10-06-50) (30m) [Tape Master]
TLOR288-CS - The Life of Riley (ep-288) Riley's First Car (10-13-50) (30m) [Tape Master]
SPCL005 - The Wizard of Oz Special - Good News of 1939 and Lux Radio Theater (2h)
GOOD079 - Good News of 1939 (ep-079) The Making of The Wizard of Oz (edited) (06-29-39) (60m)
LUXX727 - The Lux Radio Theater (ep-727) (LF Baum) The Wizard of Oz (12-25-50) (60m)

Of the new shows, CS means these are new episodes digitized from my old cassette collection. The Wizard of Oz programs are by far my favorite new uploads this month. I located a pristine version of the "Behind the Scenes of the Wizard of Oz" special from the Good News of 1939 series among my collection, but what you will find here are two versions, depending on when you catch them on-air:
     - The original length of the special is about an hour and 1-1/2 minutes and it was slightly too long to fit within the 1-hour slot of the schedule I've set up with the system's Auto-DJ function, so I've had to trim out one of the Maxwell House coffee commercials around the 42-minute mark. This edit is only in the standalone presentation of the show, which does not take away from the overall content of the special, which is most entertaining. The uncut original version is included as part of the 2-hour special, packaged with the Lux Radio Theater episode starring Judy Garland, which will air separately on the network. (The Lux episode also airs stand-alone on the network.)

I am also working on cleaning up the hourly playlists, readjusting the genres that I want to spread out throughout the broadcast day, and ensuring that episodes are evenly distributed within each playlist to try and add more variety to the randomness of their playback by the Auto-DJ system. You will still hear repeats (a lot of them, I'm afraid, until I can get more episodes uploaded to minimize how many repeats are generated), but I am working on adding more shows over the summer to fill up each hour.

Thanks to all who have written me and provided me with great feedback on what you are hearing on the live stream and what you are reading on the blog! I really appreciate all of your comments and feedback.

All the best to all of you over this amazing summer and I look forward to continuing to provide the BEST of Old Time Radio, all day, every day!

Yours truly, -Georges.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

New uploads start today! Dr. Kildare.

Hello listeners! I am excited to start adding new uploads to the live stream! My goal for June is to add at least 10 new hours of programming.

Starting today at 1PM ET, you can now hear The Story of Dr. Kildare as part of the Drama Afternoons block from 1pm to 4pm. Right now, only 2 episodes have been remastered and will be in random rotation at this hour, but these episodes will also be added to the general rotation and randomly selected when there are no other playlists scheduled at a certain hour, and more episodes will be added in this playlist in the coming weeks. That's 1 hour for 10! More to come!

Yours Truly, Georges

Friday, April 20, 2018

NEW! Shopify Store Launch! Get a free download with promo code VERNLAUNCH18

Hello, Listeners!

I am very excited to announce the launch of our new e-commerce store powered by Shopify! You can visit my marketplace here: 
A permanent link is on the sidebar of this blog and new items will be added often.

As a special promotion of the launch of the webstore, I am making available:
SPCL001 - The War of the Worlds 75th Anniversary Special (2013) [Single Episode - DD] as a free download using promo code: VERNLAUNCH18

Enter the promo code VERNLAUNCH18 at the checkout and you can download this episode for free for a limited time.*

This special presentation created exclusively by the Vintage Entertainment Radio Network features the 75th Anniversary (2013) of Orson Welles’ famous (or infamous?) broadcast of “The War of the Worlds” following the documentary from R.H. Greene, "War of the Welles," telling the back-story of the production, correcting many myths, and explaining why it works as a radio broadcast. 

Along with the single episode of this presentation that you can get for FREE today, visit the marketplace to find a collected package which includes a MASTER uncompressed audio wav file, a 64kbps mono mp3 file, and a reprint of the original book from HG Wells as it appeared in Famous Fantastic Mysteries (July 1951 issue).

As I mentioned in my previous post, Amazon has shut down there A-Store concept, so I have decided to shut down this markeplace avenue. Instead, along with my Shopify store, I am also exploring a new revenue stream through where you will be able to find "kits" (or collections that you can buy) that will be relevant throughout the entire Geonsey Web Worx group of blogs, including this one.

In the meantime, if you like what you hear here, Audible has a great selection of OTR packages for you to enjoy. Please support me by signing up for a *FREE TRIAL* of Audible where you will get 2 free audiobooks with sign-up! Search "Nostalgia Radio" for their OTR collections.

Thank you so much for hanging in there with me! There are new shows coming and, in the meantime, I would love your feedback, tell me what you think about the new Shopify store and what you would like to see there! Let me know what shows you would like to see running on the live stream, too, I would love to hear from you!

Stay tuned!


* Q: why am I charging for something that you can find online for free elsewhere? 
A: I am passionate about Old Time Radio and this hobby can get expensive to maintain. I spend a lot of time and money to find the best OTR material around, clean up the sound quality and make the results available to fans like you. I truly believe that my work is some of the best results that you could ever find anywhere on the Internet and I firmly believe there is value to that. Anything that you purchase through my marketplace helps to offset the cost of bandwidth and other expenses created through this venture. Whenever possible, I will run special promotions and discounts to help get the word out about The Vintage Entertainment Radio Network. Thank you for your patronage!